The loft has been carefully furnished with high-quality furniture and lighting to create an elegant and comfortable atmosphere; suitable for taking photos in addition to professional and personal events. It also includes an impressive sound system, and Wi-Fi throughout.

chic, all-white photography studio, and event space


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Suffolk Studio Loft Rental • Starter Package

The Suffolk Studio Loft requires a minimum 2-hour rental for the space. Uses for the space include but are not limited to Photo Sessions, Videography or Multimedia Projects, Workshops, Classes, Meetings, and so on.

4-Hour Rental Package

8-Hour Rental Package 

12-Hour Rental Package 

• Retainer of $350 is due at the time of booking and is NON-REFUNDABLE. In the event, the session is canceled, the renter may use the credit for another date/event.
• The retainer includes set up and break down. An additional fee of $175 is billed if the crew leaves later than the reserved time.
• All parties entering the studio are required to follow mask mandate guidelines, with the exception of models, and subjects during filming or the photography session.
• All bookings require at least 48 hours advance notice.


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  • Wi-Fi Access
  • Audio Sound System with Bluetooth Connect
  • Makeup Station
  • Clothing Rack
  • Dressing Room
  • Garment Steamer
  • Full Length Mirror
  • Floor Fan
  • (3) Godox AD300 Pro Flash Strobes
  • Universal Godox Transmitter
  • (3) 36" GlowEZ Octobox Softboxes
  • (2) 12 x 56" GlowEZ Strip Softboxes
  • (1) Westcott Eyelighter U-Reflector Panel
  • (2) Black/White V-Flat Panels
  • (6) C-Stands w/ Boom Arms
  • Backdrop Stand w/ Crossbar (10ft x 9.6ft high)
  • Seamless Backdrop Paper available upon request (inquire within for additional information)
  • Any props/furniture in the studio are available for use, at no additional cost.



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frequently asked

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Click on the category below, to expand the list of frequently asked questions. If you still have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. 


rates & packages


Add-on rentals

studio facilities



What are your hours of operation?

Is there parking available?

What is the minimum requirement for booking?

Are the booked sessions private? 

Are food/refreshments allowed in the studio space?

Our Hours of Operation are 8 AM - 8 PM, 7 days a week.

We have a parking lot on the premises, ans there is ample parking available for you and your guests.

The Suffolk Studio Loft requires a minimum 2 hour rental. - Deposit for the initial two hours is due at the time of booking.

Yes, all of the sessions are 100% Private.

We presently allow light refreshments in the studio space, to minimize cleaning in between sessions. If you are looking to host a catered event, you are welcomed to use one of our event spaces, and preferred caterers. 

rates & packages

How do I reserve my spot at your studio?

What is the hourly rate?

Are there package prices for 4, 8, and 12-hour rentals?

Can the purchased time be split over multiple dates?

What happens if i need to cancel?

You can reserve your time slot by completing the choosing a time slot, or completing the contact form.  An invoice will be sent to the provided email address, and once you've submitted your payment, you will receive a confirmation email.

Our hourly rate is $175, and there is a two-hour minimum requirement for booking.

Yes, please see the package information above.

Yes, you may split the purchased time over multiple dates, provided that the desired date is available.

Our studio rental deposit is non-refundable.  The credit can be used for a different date, if the date and time requested is available. A 48 Hour Notice is required.


What equipment comes with the studio?

Can I bring my own lights/equipment?

I’m not sure how to use some of the equipment, will there be someone there to help me? 

Suffolk Studio Loft has Godox AD 300 Pros, GlowEZ 36" Softbox OctoBoxes and Strip Lightboxes, a Westcott Eyelighter Reflector and Stand, C-Stands with Boom Arms, a Backdrop Stand and Seamless Backdrop Paper.

Of course you can! We only ask that you take care not to damage the space when using it.

Yes.  A member of our Experience Team will be able to assist you during your session, for an additional fee.


Do you have a makeup station?

Is there a place for clients to change their clothes?

Do you provide a clothing rack?

Do you have a steamer for the garments?

Is there wi-fi and a sound system available and included in the rental fee?

Yes!  Your models will be able to have their makeup done on-site.

Our Loft is complete with a full-size dressing room, which can also double as bridal suite.

Yes, there a clothing rack available to hang your garments, costumes, etc.

There is a steamer on the premises, so you needn't worry about those pesky wrinkles.

Yes, and yes. You will be provided to access to the Wi-Fi Credentials upon booking. You will also be able to connect to our sound system via bluetooth.


What props are included with the studio rentals?

Do you have stools, chairs, tables, etc., that I can use?

What other props or furniture pieces are available?

The usage of our props are at an additional cost. There are not included in the rental fee.

Coming soon. Stay Tuned.

We have a catalog of available furniture and props to use for your project.  This request comes with a design service and will require a consultation. Inquire within for additional information.


Do you provide photographers/assistants?

Do you offer Test Shoots?

Can I shoot video at your studio space? Is there a special rate for a video shoot?

Can I rent the space for events/special occasions? If so, what are the rates/terms and conditions?

We have a team of photographers and assistants available for an additional charge.  Prices vary depending on the need of the requestor.

Suffolk Studio Loft does not provide test shoots.

We presently allow Commercial/Personal Branding Video filming at the studio. No Music Videos.

The Loft space is used for, but not limited to, Photographic Sessions, Video Filming, Classes, Pop-ups, Meetings. If you looking to host an event for celebration (Birthdays, Showers, Parties, etc.) you may use our Event Spaces: The Houston, and The Lafayette.