Are ghosts real?


A YouGov study from 2022 found that 63% of Americans have had a paranormal experience, such as hearing voices or observing items moving on their own.

.People of practically every culture have wondered, "Are ghosts real?" for thousands of years, if not from the beginning of time.

Despite the fact that apparitions from the hereafter make for terrible horror movies and creepy campfire tales.

TODAY consulted three experts to get their take on the afterlife, ghosts, and the veracity of apparitions and other forms of paranormal phenomena.

Despite common belief, a ghost is actually defined as a "disembodied soul," or the spirit of a deceased person who resides in both the afterlife .

The medium and author of "I'm Still With You," Sherrie Dillard, stresses the need to differentiate between ghosts and the spirits of departed loved ones.

A "higher loving existence," which could be heaven, "the light," or any other conception of the afterlife, is where she believes .

Dillard argues that, like ghosts, it is possible to experience the afterlife presence of deceased loved ones in the form of dreams, paranormal activity.