Best 30-Minute Ab Workouts for Busy People 

Perform each move below for your chosen time. Rest 90 seconds after all 5 moves. One circuit. Three to five times, repeat the circuit. Try the optional extra credit after your last circuit. 

High plank with wrists under shoulders, core engaged, hips level, legs straight behind you.Draw your right knee to your chest and engage your core.Immediately bring your left knee to your chest.Start over.Keep switching fast.

Mountain Climber

In high plank, place palms flat on floor, hands shoulder-width apart, shoulders stacked above wrists, legs extended behind you, and core and glutes engaged. Take right hand and foot steps in plank position, then left. 

Lateral Plank Walk

On all fours, place hands under shoulders and knees under hips. Gently raise knees. Rotate left with right leg under torso and butt low. Show your left arm. When comfortable and wanting a balance challenge, tap your right foot with your arm.  


Faceup, legs extended, arms by sides on floor. Support your lower back with hands under your butt on each side. Start here.Hold your legs together and slowly lift them to your face to vertical.Put them down slowly. Flatten your back. 

Leg Lift

Up, arms on floor by sides. Support your lower back with hands under your butt on each side. Lift both legs 6 inches with abs. Flatten your back. If the task is too difficult, raise your legs. Kick your feet for a time, like freestyle swimming.

Flutter Kick

Lie faceup, knees bent, feet flat. Lace your fingers behind your head or cross your arms. Gently press your lower back against the floor with your core.Roll your abs and sit straight.Start another rep after slowly returning to your starting position.


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