Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe

This chocolate cheesecake recipe is simple but elegant, rich, creamy, and indulgent. Add chocolate ganache and shavings for quadruple chocolate taste! 

– 12 ounce semi-sweet chocolate bars roughly chopped (340 grams) – 2 teaspoons espresso powder optional – 32 ounces brick-style cream cheese softened to room temperature (905 grams) – 1¼ cups granulated sugar – ¼ cup unsweetened cocoa powder (22 grams) – 1 cup full-fat sour cream at room temperature (240 grams) – ¼ cup heavy cream at room temperature (60 ml) – 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract – ¼ teaspoon salt – 4 large eggs at room temperature and lightly beaten



Boil a large pot of water for the water bath before creating cheesecake filling. Heating a kettle or water boiler is another alternative.


Put chopped semisweet chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl.Mix the chocolate between 20-second microwave bursts until smooth. Whisk in espresso powder and set aside.


Mix the cream cheese, sugar, and cocoa powder in a stand mixer with the paddle attachment or a large bowl with a handheld mixer on medium speed until smooth. Bowl sides scraped.


Scrub basin sides and mix sour cream, heavy cream, vanilla, and salt. After melting chocolate on medium speed until smooth and lump-free, mix eggs on low speed until barely blended.


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