Place this lucky plant beside your front door


This delicate topiary is ideal for those with limited square footage, as it makes a bold statement without overwhelming the room.

The thyme leaves contribute an aromatic herbiness to the dish, and they can be conveniently plucked whenever a pinch of the herb .

There are many methods to give your home's exterior flair and increase its curb appeal, such as choosing a bright front door paint color or a humorous welcome mat.

Making a warm and welcoming entrance doesn't have to take a lot of time or effort. A pair of box planters or a lush climbing vine may transform a space.

Plants by the front entrance are simple to replace when the seasons change, so you won't have to settle with a plant you no longer enjoy.

Choose a miniature bush, veggie, or sun-loving flower like a petunia to welcome guests if your front door gets lots of sunlight.

Planting fragrant herbs or scented flowers beside the front entrance is another lovely way to welcome guests into your home.

Having a lemon tree or bamboo plant near your front door is said to bring you prosperity and good fortune.

Gold Chrysanthemums are considered lucky and prosperous in Chinese culture, making them a fitting decoration for a new home.