The Most Critical Trait Each Zodiac Needs In A Soulmate


Your soulmate needs patience. Impulsivity and rashness can cause problems. To teach you patience, your ideal partner will be kind.


Your partner should yield. You prioritise long-term partnerships and your partner. Your past partners exploited you. Your soulmate will also take care of you.


Soulmates should communicate well. You get bored easily and dislike quiet partners. Your partner should enjoy long, lively discussions and debates. Your ideal partner will challenge you mentally.


Soulmates should listen. You express your emotions more than others. Your partner should listen patiently and empathetically as you vent and offer advice only when asked when life gets tough.


Your soulmate should trust. You like positive attention, even not romantic. Don't date a jealous person. Despite your flirtatiousness, your perfect partner will trust you to be faithful.


Your soulmate should be prompt. Due to your organised lifestyle, a late partner who disrespects your time will cause tension. Someone who respects your schedule is needed.


Soulmates should be outgoing. Family and friend time is essential for happiness. Having a homebody partner keep you from family will frustrate you. Your ideal partner will eagerly join your group.


Soulmate should give you space. Too-clingy partners drive you away. Even soulmates need space. Codependency makes you chafe, so you need a partner who knows when you need alone.


Your soulmate should plan exciting dates and try new things together. Your boring, routine life will make you want to escape. Your ideal partner will enjoy fun.


Your soulmate needs life goals. You dislike unmotivated partners. Passion and purpose matter more than wealth. Apathy is unattractive and conflicts with your goals.


Soulmates should be independent. Much energy goes into personal passions. Dependent partners who only care about you bore you. Your soulmate will have unique interests and identity.


Dream partner should be empathetic. Often, you prioritise others' feelings. Your ideal partner must show compassion to meet your needs. An ungiving person shouldn't be with you.

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