Top Abdominal Workouts for Better Abs 

Hold the barbell above your chest with your back flat on the floor. Raising your legs to the L-shaped position with straight arms. Back up without touching the floor after lowering your leg to each side.

1. Barbell Floor Wiper

Stand with your knees slightly bent and arms extended, lifting the medicine ball over your head.Stand on your toes and throw the ball with your core as you bend forward.Catch the ball again. 

2. Medicine Ball Slam

Lay on your side with your left arm on the floor and right arm bent to your head and elbow out.Hold right leg over left. Raise your right elbow to your left leg and contract your obliques. Lower slowly and switch sides after reps.

3. Side Jackknife

Lying back, hold the bench behind your head.Kick out to the ceiling with your knees to your chest and shoulders raised on the bench.Stay straight and descend slowly. Lower back and abs will burn.

4. Dragon Flag

Stand side-on to the weights, back to the highest cable machine.Move away from the tower with hands on the handle and feet shoulder-width apart.Pull the handle down and across your body while rotating your torso with fully extended arms.Bend your knees and pivot your back foot to slowly restart, switching sides after each set.

5. Cable Woodchopper

Rest your arms behind your head and feet slightly elevated on your back.Crunch and repeat with knees to chest, backside off floor, and arms over head.

6. Cocoon

Be on your back, knees bent.Hold a sandbag above you with extended arms and crunch forwards, forming a V with your thighs.Carefully descend and repeat.

7. Sandbag Sit-Up

Hold a pull-up bar in a V and drop into a dead hang. Raise your legs straight and perpendicular to your torso with your feet together. Lower to the start slowly.

8. Hanging Leg Raise

Stay on your stomach with your hands on your head. Lift your body and twist your chest. Your abs and back will benefit from this move.

9. Superman With A Twist

Seated with straight legs, raise your hands above your head. Raise your legs to form a dish. Keep your body rigid while rocking to strengthen your core.

10. Hollow Rock

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