What's Your Spirit Animal?


Some people believe that our spiritual totems are determined by our birthdates or zodiac signs, while others think that the animals we are most drawn .

Certain animals make recurring appearances in our lives to teach us lessons and show us the way to a more authentic and authentically joyful way of being in the world.

The bear is a powerful totem because it represents the need for, and achievement of, equilibrium.

Especially when it comes to a mother bear and her cubs, this animal is revered as a symbol of strength and safety in many cultures.

Bear mothers are notoriously protective of their cubs and would fight to the death to protect their territory.

The bear totem can also be interpreted as a metaphor for the two opposing sides of our own personality.

The bear is here to teach us the importance of striking a balance between these qualities as we move through life and learn to appreciate the uniqueness of each individual.

Beavers are hard workers that cooperate effectively in teams to construct their dams.

The work ethic and gratitude toward others' efforts represented by this totem animal are strong.

The beaver is the ideal totem if you are ambitious, imaginative, and thrive on the challenge of taking on new challenges.